Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Day 3: Gratitude for A Horrible Day

Day 3....some random thoughts on gratitude after a truly horrible day.

Even horrible days make me thankful.
I am thankful that I have
no sorrows,
no struggles,
no illnesses,
no losses,
no anything
so staggering that I feel the need to run from my life.
My life is beautiful....
...and hard
...and amazing
...and exhausting
and I love it.
I will not run from it--nor do I want to.
(Isn't it sad that others do?)

I am thankful that I can
listen to people
(and not feel the need to interrupt them, even though they don't afford me that same courtesy).

I am thankful that I can
laugh loudly and deeply
(and not worry that people are "offended" by my mirth).

I am thankful that I can
how miserable people are and make the choice to be their opposites;  these are pathetic souls who have nothing in their lives except
looking disapprovingly
and missing everything 
in their hyper-bitter-rigid-cold-fearful-mean-judgemental-scornful angst.

I choose to plant flowers in my soul
and spread my arms to gentle breezes.
Even when I fail myself and temporarily succumb to the jagged edges,
my heart opens a portal to grace
invites me in.

It is an invitation I always
(and will always)


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