Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day 2: Not Gonna Feel Bad About Being Me

Second day, and I failed (sort of) at making the passions of my life manifest.

Today was soul-sucking, mind-numbing, and boring, spent going from session to session at Day 2 of Convergence, listening to one presenter after another drag me through apps and platforms and programs that mean NOTHING to me.  Seriously, nothing.  My threshold for these sessions today was extremely narrow, especially when Day 1 wasn't much better.  While I can respect the fact that there are people out there who get super excited about tech "stuff", I'm not one of them.  Especially on the first two days that I'm making a point of pouring "life" into my life.

There was one bright spot today, though.  The one session I attended that actually spoke to me was led by two brothers, twins, whose mirror souls inspire them to write children's books and produce children's videos and make the world a beautiful, creative, brighter place.  At one point during their presentation, tears puddled in my eyes; their words were all about trying and doing and painting and drawing and creating; their "ish" philosophy is gorgeous; their parting comment was about "painting our dot and signing it", a philosophy that fits perfectly into my goal of living.  They made me want to turn my space into love and light and paint and words and music.

Not apps.  Not Google classroom.  Not some program that is designed to give electronic sticky notes to group participants that I can't remember the name of, even though I used it during a session today.

Okay, maybe today wasn't a fail.  Maybe tapping into what I want---even though my day didn't represent that---was living my life after all.

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